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Alexander Fenster's Journal
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Thursday, December 9th, 2004
11:11 pm
We'll have more soon ©
There are no records here.

For now, please try to visit http://add.fenster.name/ . That's my blog on my server, and it's easier for me to write there, not here. It's all in Russian, the language I speak much better than English :) Please read the disclaimer at http://add.fenster.name/about.html (also in Russian) before reading that blog.

If you still want to read my blog records here in LiveJournal, you can subscribe to the syndicated account called fenster_rss. But please note that I don't receive any E-mail notifications about comments posted for those records. But still, I'm trying to read your comments there.

I also would like to say 'thank you' to Phil who was the initial owner of LJ account fenster and gave it to me when I asked him.

Friend related policy: I will add you to my friend list if I want to read your posts, or if I want you to see that I have an account too :) You can add me to your friend list if you want me to read your protected posts. I don't have any posts here, so it's the only benefit you will have after adding me to your friend list.

Short summary: I'm not an LJ user indeed, I just want to be able to read posts written by people I know, and comment them. That's why I have this account.

If you need to contact me, use details listed in the profile or write a comment on this post.

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